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Modern Forage Systems - Perennial Ryegrass
Perennial ryegrass is the most widely used forage grass in the world. . winters like eastern Montana, North Dakota and Northern Wisconsin and Minnesota, . We have learned a great deal about winter hardiness and some of the new . Farmers from northern, continental Europe prefer late varieties as they are the most fall .

Identifying Pasture Grasses (A3637)
heads on late-season growth . Productivity is greatest during spring and fall. Plants become dormant during . northern Wisconsin perennial ryegrass is also .

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    Learn About Perennials - Northern Sunset
    . Keeping late blooming perennials looking their best; Clematis Planting and . Why does Northern Sunset use those confusing, scientific names for their plants? . Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources: A whole site dedicated to .

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      Seed Blends & Mineral Supplements - Deer food plots and deer ...
      I believe in planting northern-produced seed to grow the best crops for deer in the northern . (early spring, summer), (early summer, fall), (late summer, fall) . An upright perennial legume, fine stemmed, very leafy that makes an extremely . in northern Wisconsin to provide ample amounts of high quality fall forage for the .

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      FAQs - Perry's Perennial Pages
      *Can you suggest the best perennials for a seaside garden in northern California, . (WI) *You mention to make late-blooming perennials such as asters and .

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    • Grass Seed Planting
      Annual Ryegrass · Perennial Ryegrass . The best time for planting grass is at the beginning of its growing cycle. For cool season grasses, there are 2 growing cycles: FALL and SPRING. . For most cool season grasses and for folks living in northern climates, the best time to plant grass is in late August, early September.

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      Four Season Food Plot Strategy —
      Aug 29, 2011 . Sure, the timing is great and the wheat in the distant field will be attractive through mid spring, but then what? . perennial base for the months of spring through early fall. . Late summer is the perfect time to establish a four season plot. . in northern MI where we live to early September from PA to WI.


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    • When to Plant?
      (Best growing window with ideal temperatures / moisture.) . In the transition zone cool season grasses are seeded in Fall and Spring, though the . Warm season grasses such as Bermuda should be planted in LATE spring / early . Perennial Ryegrass provides a nicer playing surface than does Annual . Wisconsin .

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      For best quality, cut rye between early heading and the milk stage of growth. . Winter rye can be generally seeded from late summer to late fall. . winter rye is from August 15 to September 10 in northern Minnesota and Wisconsin, and . needed when planting later than desired or when perennial weed control is important.


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      Perennial Flowers - How To Information |
      Perennial flowers keep the garden full of color from early spring to late fall. . The best summer-flowering perennials are suited for various climates and… . 6 and 7, while the central, western and northern regions of the state are part of . of Wisconsin Extension suggest planting perennial flowers in Wisconsin that are .


      How to Grow Perennials : Gardener's Supply
      Gardener's Supply -- Learn about the basics of perennials, including garden design, plant . Fellow gardeners are another great source of information about perennials. . Northern gardeners concern themselves with the minimum temperatures that a plant will . In all but a few cases, this is a job for early spring or late fall.,default,pg.html

      Native Vines or the Northeast and Great Lakes Region
      Expanded plantings into Wisconsin, Michigan, New York and much of the New . Possible to grow in some northern regions., into southern Ontario with winter protection. . seed capsules (to 7" long) which mature in late summer and persist into fall. . Purple clematis is a climbing perennial with a woody stem and has very .

      Wildflower Seed Planting Instructions
      Purple Coneflower, Perennial Lupine, Black Eyed Susan, Shasta Daisy and more . . late fall and winter, while spring-planted seed has only to wait until it sprouts. . A great advantage of fall planting is that the weather in fall is usually more .

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    • ask a gardening question -
      Shade Perennials There are a great many perennial flowers for shady spots, there . Cutting back perennials in fall Should I cut back my veronicas in the fall? . How late can I plant perennials (flowers and shrubs) for a productive life in the . I plant them now April 28, 2009 in Green Bay, WI area or should I be concerned .

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      DEER FOOD PLOTS, Brassicas, Turnips, Rape Seed, Clover
      Sorghum Sudan is an annual in northern climates and can be a perennial in southern climates. Excellent . This mix consists of our top selling "All Clover" blend with our top selling "Chicory". This mix will . Mix with "Peas & Oats" for an "early fall" and "late fall" attractant all in one! Rate - 6 lbs./ac . Wisconsin Hunting Land .


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      Ornamental Grasses - The Highest Quality...Best Customer Service ...
      It combines well with woody ornamentals and a host of perennials, can be used as an accent plant . Use Northern Sea Oats in the partial shade of a naturalized area, . The long plumes grow on 12' strong stems turning silver in late fall. . This compact Wisconsin native is a strong, upright grower, breaks dormancy sooner .


      what are the hardiest perennials - Northern Gardening Forum ...
      We are in northeastern Wisc and can have some long cold spells, well below . be harmful if the mulch is put on too early or taken off to late. . It sounds like you put a lot of work into your gardens and certainly deserve to get great results. . I never cut back perennials in the fall, other than things prone to .

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    • Hardy Mum « Gardeners Supply Plant Care & Gardening Advice ...
      In northern climates early blooming mums are more suitable. In zone 6-7 . Six years ago, I transplanted potted mums in the ground during late fall. They are so .

      Growing Grapes in Wisconsin (A1656)
      out the rows in the late fall and kill the sod in the planting strips to a width of about 3 to 4 feet. CULTIVAR SELECTION. Choosing grape cultivars for Wisconsin is .

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      Shade Loving Flowering Plants for a Woodland Garden or Shady Area
      Many plants that prefer partial shade will do best in morning sun, as the . Astilbe is a hearty and trouble free perennial that prefers soft soil (add humus or peat) . Wood hyacinth is native to SW Europe and northern Africa and is deer resistant. . Your garden can bloom from early spring until late fall if you plant a variety of .


      Kentucky Bluegrass Lawn & Grass Seed-Grow Kentucky Bluegrass ...
      Bluegrass Seed Varieties - What's best? Kentucky Bluegrass is a cool season, perennial ground cover; forming a beautiful, high quality, dense . Bluegrass has a later green-up period and is often seeded specifically with ryegrasses for this reason. . This is why this grass falls into the creeping grass category. . Wisconsin .


      Growing Garlic in Minnesota
      Most garlic in the U.S. is grown in the mild climate of northern California. . It is best to try out several different varieties/selections for a few years and select . Cloves are very prone to splitting through the bulb skins if harvested too late. . before planting garlic in the fall, is recommended if perennial weeds are a problem.


      Panicum virgatum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      As a warm-season perennial grass, most of its growth occurs from late spring through . Chemical weed control can be used in the fall prior to establishment, . US Southeast and lowest in the dry short season areas of the Northern Great Plains. . Flora of Wisconsin · Flora of Colorado · Flora of Montana · Flora of Wyoming .

      Usual Planting and Harvesting Dates for U.S. Field Crops
      account for exceptionally early or late dates of scattered planting and harvesting, . An “All Barley” acreage estimate is published in the Barley, Fall table. . a perennial, U. S. cotton is grown as an annual from seed planted each year. . rainfall in the northern Great Plains and Northwestern States is relatively limited but .

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    • Annual Herbs Quick reference guide for planting herbs in Wisconsin
      start it yourself inside in late April or early. May, buy . tion is best if you use a floating row cover to create extra heat in the . Basil is a mint and also a perennial, but it has no cold tolerance at all and never survives northern winters outside. There are . May 30 and average first frost date in the fall ranges from. September 1 .

      Ryegrass Seed|Annual Rye Grass|Winter Rye Grass|Perennial ...
      Ryegrass seed - Annual ryegrass, Perennial ryegrass or Winter ryegrass. . and perennial) can be grown on their own in the northern states for lawns. . lawn overseeded on warm season grasses that go dormant in the fall/winter. . zone, annual ryegrass is a great fill-in to create green grass on new areas. . Wisconsin .

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      Getting Perennials Ready for Spring Now |
      You can help perennials get ready for spring by feeding them in the fall and . Another late fall fertilization after lawns quit growing but before freeze-up . Research at the University of Wisconsin indicates that northern lawns . According to Archer, "Watering plants in the fall is arguably the best insurance against winter kill.


      Grass For Horses|Best Grass Safe Grass Horse Pasture ...
      Select the best grass & safe grass for horse pastures. . existing Perennial pastures for extended grazing with planting in the fall for use through late spring.


      The Best Time to Plant Bulbs in Wisconsin |
      The Best Time to Plant Bulbs in Wisconsin. . in spring, such as tulips, daffodils, crocus and hyacinth, must be planted the previous fall. . In southern Wisconsin, plant in late April to early May and in northern . Iris is an easy-to-grow perennial.


      Alfalfa|Alfalfa Hay or Pasture Seed|Alfalfa Seed|Planting Alfalfa ...
      It grows best in areas where cool season perennial grasses are normally . the largest acreage is in the North Central states (Dakotas, Wisconsin, Minnesota). . are as follows: FD scores of 1-4 for colder regions (Intermountain, northern US); FD . spring seeding may be preferable, but late summer and fall is also practiced.

      Northscaping Info Zone - A Hummingbird Haven In Your Back Yard ...
      Many northern gardeners are both surprised and delighted to hear that with some . The undisputed queens of late summer bloom, all hydrangeas grow best in acidic . When we moved into our southern Wisconsin home eight years ago, our . with well over 30 different types of flowering perennial and annual plants that .

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    • Illinois -
      Perennial Ryegrass & Fine Fescue is often used in blends of Bluegrass or Tall . Growing season in the Northern 1/3 is about 150 days and in the South . Fall is best time to plant as it allows for two growing seasons for maturity of the . Warm season grasses (Bermuda / Zoysia) should be planted in late spring . Wisconsin .

      Wildflower List
      Wildflower IDentification List with Thumbnail Photos.

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      faq's html - University of Vermont
      *Can you suggest the best perennials for a seaside garden in northern California, . (WI) *You mention to make late-blooming perennials such as asters and .


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    • Kester's Nursery | Native Grasses | Best Deer Attractors | Food plot ...
      However, like most perennial plants, they generally establish slowly. Therefore, it is very . This variety has produced very well in our shorter growing season in Wisconsin. Matures in 80 to 90 . Deer will eat the tops and the large bulbs in the late fall. Matures in 85 to 90 . Very winter hardy for northern climates. Plant 5 to 8 .

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      Plants that Attract Butterflies
      Host plants range from annuals and perennials to trees and shrubs. . Butterflies are active from spring into late fall, but mid-to late-blooming season flowers . Tiger Swallowtail, Mourning Cloak, Compton Tortoiseshell, Northern Pearly Eye ( sap) . Swallowtail, Pipevine Swallowtaild, Snout Butterfly, Great Spangled Fritillary, .


      Top 200 North American Birding Hot Spots
      Arctic Warbler, Ptarmigans, Northern Goshawk, Gyrfalcon, and Northern . They have a Snow Goose festival in the spring and fall, but it is a great place at all times for birding. . This varied habitat, just south of the Wisconsin border, has beaches, . Late fall is the time to visit to see hundreds of thousands of waterfowl.


      Cool-Season Grass Seed Production
      In the fall, perennial grasses produce buds and tillers that overwinter. . Problems with late summer and fall seedings may be a lack of sufficient soil . seed yields can be increased profitably in northern Minnesota by fertilizing with . Many different cool-season grasses are adapted to Minnesota and Wisconsin, but potential .

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    • PlantFiles: Detailed information on Lantana Lantana camara
      It is a great plant that is a royal pain in the butt . . To protect it from freezing, I cut it back almost to ground level in the late fall and cover with several inches of .

      The counties with the greatest acre- . northern Wisconsin, primarily around Manitowish. Waters . two years, then fall to the ground. . are formed in late summer the season before they . Because cranberries are a perennial crop, they must .

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      Regional Plant List - Michigan, MI, Wisconsin, WI, Eastern ...
      This is a "starter" list of native plants for Michigan, Wisconsin, and eastern Minnesota. It is intended . Buds and young twigs are red; great fall color. Exellent fall .


      Japanese Anemone, Garden Bully? | Genie in the Garden
      Jan 27, 2012 . I have been growing the Snowdrop Anemone as a spring perennial in my garden for years with great results. So, when I saw the . When we visited Milly and her family in northern Wisconsin this fall, her Japanese anemones were spectacular. They were full of . Bloom time: Late summer through early fall .


      Identifying Pasture Grasses
      This booklet identifies the. 15 most common annual and perennial . heads on late-season growth . pasture. Productivity is greatest during spring and fall. Plants become dormant during the . northern Wisconsin perennial ryegrass is also .


      Explore Wisconsin | Explore Bayfield County, Wisconsin | attractions ...
      At the top of Wisconsin, on the southern shore of Lake Superior, the largest freshwater . In early and late winter, while Highway "H" is forming and melting down, . the Great Schooner Race, Fall Color Festival and the Bayfield Apple Festival . the Northern Great Lakes Region: Northern Wisconsin, Northeastern Minnesota .

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    • Gardening Articles :: Flowers :: Bulbs :: National Gardening ...
      . N. California Coastal & Inland Valleys · S. California Coastal & Inland Valleys . Wisconsin . Bulbs are widely available in Fall at retail nurseries in mild-winter climates; . Broadly speaking, ranunculus are frost-hardy cool-season perennials . They perform best where winters are relatively mild and springs are long and .

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      Picket Fence Greenhouse & Gardens » Annual/Perennial Grasses
      This grass in my opinion out shines any perennial grass in our area. It looks great in pots . My photo (top) , look at the coloring late fall..(bottom photo spring .


      Rhubarb Production in California
      produced in forcing houses in the northern United States and Canada. In the United . Crowns can be dug in the late fall, late winter, or early spring and stored in .


      Out Back Nursery:: Minnesota Vines & Minnesota Wildflowers
      This bushy woodland perennial does not go dormant during mid-summer. Beautiful . Showy red berry clusters in late August-early October. Fruit and . Grows like groundcover in northern MN. Zone 3-4. . Prune back to 6" before July 4 for best flower display. Zone 4. . Red autumn color. Zone 3-5. . Native to Wisconsin.


      Tomato Growing Zone Maps at
      In northern and interior areas, lower elevations fall into Zone 2, higher areas into Zone 1. . Coolness, ample rain suit many perennials and bulbs. . Growing season: early April to late Oct. Summers are sizzling, with 110 days above 90 . Coolness and fog are hallmarks; summer highs seldom top 75 degrees F/24 degrees .

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    • Getting Perennials Ready Spring | Garden | Gardening | Perennial ...
      You can help perennials get ready for spring by feeding them in the fall and . Another late fall fertilization after lawns quit growing but before freeze-up . Research at the University of Wisconsin indicates that northern lawns . According to Archer, "Watering plants in the fall is arguably the best insurance against winter kill.

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      Plant All-Stars
      perennial choice for gardens in Wisconsin, but should be . is a great perennial for late season interest with the summer . display through fall when the entire plant turns a light buff color. . Northern Sea Oats is another great grass for Midwest .


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      Steven Katovich's Images @ Forestry Images
      May 4, 2010 . 1388009, white trillium, Trillium grandiflorum, In northern Wisconsin hardwood stand. . Web formed by fall webworm on cherry, central Minnesota, and larvae, August. . 1398178, perennial lupine, Lupinus perennis, Flowering wild lupine, the larval . Photo taken in Jackson County Wisconsin in late May.


      October Gardening Calendar
      Shredded leaves make a great amendment for gardens and lawns. . seeds of coneflowers, rudbeckias and other late summer and fall blooming perennials. . In Northern Wisconsin, dig trenches to overwinter tree roses and climbing roses .

      Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Nature/Edible Wild Plants ...
      Dec 28, 2011 . Description: Common milkweed is a herbaceous perennial plant growing . The nut-like fruit can be gathered in late summer to early fall and roasted or . Use: Nibble on the raw leaves - a great addition to a salad. . west to Wisconsin and south to eastern Texas and northern Florida in the United States.

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    Foolproof Perennials
    Foolproof or easy care perennials are not as fussy about soil or moisture . others that grow well in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin gardens. . Columbine (Aquilegia) decorates the late spring and early summer garden with . In fall the leaves turn red. . These are partial shade plants that perform best in moist soil.

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    How to Seed a Fescue Grass Lawn or Pasture|Step-by-Step|Fescue ...
    Creeping Red Fescue Seeding: Seeding with red fescue is best done in the fall and is usually seeded with bluegrass or perennial rye grass. A complete lawn of .

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    herbaceous perennials, ferns and groundcovers. We suggest that . component of northern hardwood forests and facultati wetland species . 6 maximum margined, or nearly white flowers bloom in late June. . full sun to part shade but. best yellow autumn color when grown in . University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point. 10 .

    Wisconsin Orchards Directory - our listing of orchards in Wisconsin
    Our Wisconsin orchard directory lists orchards in Wisconsin with .

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    2011 CSA Farm Directory
    What is a CSA Farm A list of CSA Farms Twin Cities Farms MN & Western WI Farms . How do you choose the farm that best fits your needs and is most likely to provide . Fall brings a cornucopia of pumpkins, hard squash, Brussels sprouts and fall . Our season begins late-June and runs for 16 weeks until mid- October.

    the RiSe anD Fall OF lakeS - University of Wisconsin Sea Grant ...
    isualizing the Great Lakes / Lake Mendota: Jeff Miller, UW. -Madison . the future of Wisconsin's 15000 lakes, 32000 miles of perennial streams and other water . Unlike some other lakes in drought-stricken northern Wisconsin, Shell . including a wet period spanning nearly 10 years from the late 1970s until the late 1980s.

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    Perennial Ryegrass Potential in Michigan - Forage Information ...
    Perennial ryegrass grows best in cool, moist climates,. The crop grows well in early spring and fall, but during the hot summer months it becomes dormant. . Research in Wisconsin by Casler and Walgenbach in 1990 and Novery et al., . Late summer seeding should be done by August 1 in Upper Michigan and by Sept.

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    Grass options for goats
    We get questions all of the time about what is the best type of grass to plant in a pasture . Annual (needs to be planted each year); Perennial (does not need to be . have a strong legume component should be grazed by late fall because . is a taller-growing grass that also is a good pasture grass in more northern areas.

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    Wild Rice - Wisconsin All-Bird Conservation Plan
    Seeds then fall to the bottom sediment and remain dormant until the spring or . In Wisconsin, wild rice grows best in shallow, slow-moving waters of rivers, . as very stable water levels over multiple years tends to favor perennial vegetation. . Today, wild rice stands are concentrated primarily in northern Wisconsin and are .

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    Milorganite Applications
    Lawn Care. Cool-Season (Northern) Grasses. Fertilize 4 times per year Kentucky Bluegrass, Fescue, Perennial Ryegrass . Avoid late fall fertilization of these species to prevent possible winter kill. Memorial Day, 36 lbs. per 2500 sq. ft. . Mix into the top two inches of soil before seeding or sodding. After third mowing of lawn .

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    WineMaker Magazine - Backyard Grape Growing Index - Growing ...
    Trees, vines, and perennial plants are also given a zone range that indicates the coolest . tell you exactly what varieties of trees, vines, and fruits will grow best in your area. . What if you're located right in the center of Wisconsin — a pocket that collects . Have a plan for protecting vines from late spring and early fall frosts.


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    Churchill Gardens, Inc. : Perennial Garden Design
    Two look great, but one the leaves are curling and a darker green color. WHat is this and . It is done in the late fall and cut back to approximately 2"-3". In the . Q. I live in SE Wisconsin (Milwaukee area). My burning . I live in Northern NJ.

    G4511 Orchardgrass - University of Missouri Extension Home
    Orchardgrass (Dactylis glomerata L.) is a bunch-type, tall-growing, cool-season perennial grass. . For this reason, fall seedings are not recommended in the northern one-third of the state. Late August to early September are considered best fall seeding dates in . Missouri1, Illinois2, Wisconsin3, Iowa4, Yield, Digestibility .

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    Asparagus tolerates great temperature variations: it grows in the . Unlike most other vegetables, asparagus is a perennial crop which can be productive for 15 . needed to produce large crowns is limited in Northern climates, early spring seeding will . Burying asparagus debris in late fall or late winter significantly reduces .

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